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Hi there, madmoiZelle wants to hear voices from abroad! — Message à vos amies étrangères

madmoiZelle has long opened its column to its readers. And today, it’s your turn! We wanna hear from non-francophones as well!

Message to our francophone readers – Message à nos lectrices francophones

Salut toi !

Grande nouvelle : madmoiZelle ouvre sa rubrique témoignages aux non-francophones ! Du coup, je te suggère de transférer ce texte à tes potes étrangères, pour leur dire qu’elles trouveront ici une oreille attentive, curieuse, et enthousiaste à l’idée de les publier. Tout est expliqué ci-dessous !

Hi there ! I want to hear your voice !

Hi ! If you’re reading me right now, you probably have a French friend. Or at least a french speaking friend. OR you are the most wonderful person on earth because you read even though French is not your first language.

Anyway, I am happy that you are here, because I wanted to talk to you.

First, let me introduce myself: I am Esther, and I write for the magazine This magazine is targeting mainly young women, between 18 and 25 years old (but not limited to that). We aim at empowering them by making them laugh, learn, gain self-confidence, and so on. Is our editorial line feminist? Yes, definitely.

We love to let our readers express themselves through a testimonies section on our website. And while you might not be a reader (yet ?), we would love to hear your voice too.

The testimonies published on can touch any aspect of your life: they can be about jobs, relationships, passions, hard blows, studies, politics, amazing or awful experiences…

Feel free to write about any of them, or about things we never talked about : our goal is to learn, through your experience.

For example, I would love to start a section «Being 20 years old in [country]», where 20 years old girls from all over the world would talk about their twenties: what is it for them, what does it mean, where are they in their lives, what do they hope for the future, what are they afraid of, what is their daily life right now…

And don’t worry, if you’re not twenty, you can also tell us about you. We have a section called «postcards» that has mostly been written by french readers and that sometimes explains a piece of culture of the country they have visited, such as this one, about the Fika, in Sweden

. What if you told us about what you love in your culture?

If you want, you can of course tell us about anything else. We are open to your suggestions, curious, we won’t ever judge you!

Yes, even if you talk about your periods, sex, diarrhea, that supposedly shameful music you love to listen to, your secret favourite food, that time you were too drunk, abortion or that disease you’re fighing against. And don’t be ashamed if your english is not perfect: ours is probably worse!

Send your emails to jaifaitca[at], with the subject « Hello madmoizelle ».

I am SO looking forwards to reading your mail!


PS: By the way, that one friend who sent you this link… Keep her into your life, she’s got to be a great person: all of our readers are amazing! \o/

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On a hâte de vous lire !

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Les Commentaires

Avatar de Esther
11 août 2017 à 19h08
Merci pour cette réponse ! Vous feriez appel à des traducteurs pro externes ?
C'est pas du tout prévu pour le moment.
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